Alright... So Who Is This Guy?

Eugene ZTH is a college senior attending the University of Mary Washington and the owner of this website. This is your one stop shop to learn more about the man, the myth, the legend. Gene is majoring in Historic Preservation and Accounting, and minoring in Museum Studies. When Eugene isn't writing in the third person, he can be found writing scripts and comics, trying to remember how to read for fun, and, only on occasion, cracking a joke (or two).

Interesting... Tell Me More...

I'm back! First person Eugene is back!

I built this website so that I could create a unified and accessible location on the internet for my essays, art, and general information about me. Above you, you can see a navigation bar. Clearly, this is what you will use to navigate through the site.

Home takes you back to this page | The Resume explains itself pretty well | The Biography gives you some insight into the things I'm interested in both academically and recreationally | The Portfolio contains not only writing samples, but examples of some projects I've worked on as well. I try to give context to each of the pieces, as it's good to know why each work is present.